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Your Local Worldwide Wine Resource

Enomatic Wine System

You're guaranteed the freshest glass of wine every time with our enomatic wine dispenser which uses a sophisticated patented Argon/Nitrogen gas (food grade) preservation system. The technology protects wine from oxidation and ensures the organoleptic integrity, taste, aroma, body and color. The systems are rare due to investment cost but your satisfaction is our mission! Enjoy one of the freshest glasses of wine within the greater Akron area.

Wine Finder Services

Yes, we're talking worldwide wine-finder services. If you have a favorite wine from any corner of the world and is licensed to be sold in Ohio, we can import it for you. Minimum quantities often apply.

Wine Store

It's probably good to know we've got amazing wines for sale.

Therefore, when you land on a favorite during your visit, you'll be able to take a bottle to go. 

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